GeckoTracker Coming Soon

Currently under construction, once finished GeckoTracker will allow anyone to signup and create their own profile. Its the ultimate gecko showcase allowing you to create profiles for each of your geckos, storing information such as age, weight, sex and type. You can upload pictures into your photo album, use the blog system to share news and updates on your geckos, track weight overtime, view growth charts and track health information.

You may want to visit our Gecko Forums and join in the chat whilst you are waiting for GeckoTracker to be completed.

Key Features

  • Create Gecko Profiles
    • Enter in your geckos information, date of birth, sex and species. Publish your profile to allow others to admire your animals. Once you have a profile you can take advantage of the other features to track your geckos health and growth.

  • Create Feeding Schedules
    • You can create multiple feeding schedules covering 1 or 2 weeks, selecting the food type and supplements needed each day (or not). You can then receive reminders on what to feed when to each of your geckos. You may want to have a feeding schedule for juveniles, one for adults and a different schedule for gravid females for example.

  • Reminder System
    • Create reminders for a specific gecko, or just in general. You can create reminders for anything, such as cleaning enclosures, changing UV bulbs, vet checkups, anything you want to forget about until it needs doing.

  • Growth Tracking
    • Track weight, length and width of your gecko over time. View historical data and graphs to see how your geckos grow over time.

  • Health & Behavior
    • Insert dated notes on your geckos health, behavior or general observations. You can then compare this data to the growth stats and see how things are effected.

  • Gecko Gallery
    • Uploaded photos to your gecko gallery and share them on forums or websites.

  • Much More
    • Loads of other features, such as forum signatures showing your geckos, or details on an induvidual gecko. Codes to display details on your own websites and social networking sites such as MySpace.